Thank you for your interest in commissions! Please check the following terms before proceeding; it covers what I'm comfortable vs. uncomfortable working on. *

Project commission restrictions:
I will not accept projects classified as yuri (GL), yaoi (BL), or ecchi.
I will not accept projects with H-scenes.
I will not accept projects with elements of nonconventional relationships such as incest, bestiality, or underage that are not considered as essential to the plot development.
I am very unlikely to accept projects with frequent innuendo, projects with excessive fanservice, and projects with excessive gore.

Studio commission restrictions:
I will not accept studio commissions from studios with known specialization in yuri (GL), yaoi (BL), or ecchi games.

You reserve rights to the commissioned assets for both personal and commercial use. You may print, distribute, sell, and place on your own products.
I reserve the rights to posting completed commissions on my portfolio and blog for promotional reasons.

1. Project discussion
2. Half payment
3. Concept phase
4. Draft and refinement phase (up to 3 rounds of revisions before extra charge)
5. Final payment
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Crowdfunded games are charged base price on completion of job and commercial fee 1-2 months later. (E.g. a crowdfunded visual novel UI will be charged $100 upon completion and $100 after crowdfunded campaign is finished, instead of $200 up-front.)

When would you like the commission to start? *

What are you commissioning for? *

Tell me a little about your project.

Skip this if the commission is for personal use.
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Describe your project if you are commissioning for assets for your project (e.g. game logo, sprites, backgrounds, etc). Describe your studio if you are commissioning for assets for your studio (studio logo).
Project Genre

Project/Studio Summary

I will never share confidential information before you release your project.
Is there any content potentially controversial to my terms that you would like to discuss?

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